Training With Power

Using a power meter is a simple way to improve fitness and strength, as well as gauge effort during an event. Workouts with power are easy to set up and complete, and they provide useful data for post ride analysis. It’s not whether or not you should use a power meter, but which power meter is right for you.

There are four power meters that I recommend: Quarq, Stages, Garmin and Powertap.

The Quarq is a crank based power meter. Besides being very dependable and accurate, Quarq also has a large selection of crank arm choices; SRAM, Rotor, Cannondale, etc. Plus they offer MTB and Cyclocross set ups.

Cycleops’ Power Tap has been around a long time and has proven to be both durable and user friendly. They now offer many types, including crank, pedal and hub choices. They have something to fit everyone’s budget.

A few years ago, Stages became a game changer. They are very affordable, work flawlessly, and have several crank options to pick from. This is also the power meter I use for all of my bikes.

Garmin offers pedal based power meters and they offer them in two versions (single side data or double side) an they are very easy to swap between bikes.

Picking the one that is going to serve you best depends on several variables (how many bikes you have, wheels for racing, future plans, etc). I lean toward crank based power meters. They are typically the most affordable, have a proven design, and simple to switch between bikes if needed. Additionally, if you run multiple wheels, you’ll always have power on your rides. Feel free to contact Hold Fast Coaching for assistance in picking a power meter.

For even more information regarding power meters please visit They have many options, buying guides, tech articles, and tons of product reviews.